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Research Paper on the NFL

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Philadelphia Eagles Philly Special Decal. NFL team, college team, basketball team, football team, birthday candle, keepsake candle, anniversary candle, custom candle, number candle. Football cupcake toppers - set of 12 football theme party, cake toppers, centerpiece. Football jersey cupcake toppers - set of 12, football theme party, cake toppers, centerpiece. The NFL would soon change who relied on the money shelled out by the sponsors and owners of the league and stadiums.

Various people, before the National Football League, did not rely on the millions of dollars they are given to work at the stadiums or play professional football today. The National Football League has many positive entertainment factors but little do the people of America realize the economic impacts it has on our country, or furthermore, the world.

Many of the taxpayers throughout the United States find that they are arguing about paying taxes because of where their money is being spent. Taxes are meant to support their communities and improve roads or other important hazards, yet much of our money is being used to pay for colossal stadiums and massive parking lots.

The NFL is a major money-spender, whether it is spent among the stadium costs or the costs of the playing time of the players. Economically, the professional league of football uses a lot of money as a whole. Also another economic impact of the NFL is the extra activities that take place within the stadiums. Not only do the football games bring in tons of hard cash but also they bring other such as concerts or speeches.

When the fans of the professional teams go to see their favorite games many enjoy supporting their team by wearing team apparel. These items, when purchased at the stadiums, have a tax on them, when the fans buy their favorite apparel at the fan shops, they are truly helping the community to fix roads and other community jobs paid for by taxes that are paid. Another way the National Football League has affected the U. Whether it is the tourism, advertisements or the advancements in video games and television, the NFL has left a foot print on America socially.

An example of the impact the NFL has on tourism is when people all over the country travel to go watch their favorite teams play football. The majority enjoy a cold beer and the intense roughness of the crowds during the football games. The competitiveness and massive stadiums full of people are an example of the way the NFL has changed the U. Numerous people also enjoy watching the football games on television.

Today there are a huge number of advertisements and channels that have to do with the football games taking place. When the big game is on television on Sundays, a lot of families enjoy having small parties. Kids from California to Maine are enjoying the advances in technology. Madden is a good example of how professional football has impacted the progression in technology. Lastly, the NFL has impacted both physical and mental health in the sports games played today.

The professional football league has influenced men to use steroids to improve their athletic ability. The athletes are competitive towards each other and are always competing for the top spot. In hopes of being number one, the steroid abuse is used to help them excel. The populace of America is into gambling their favorite teams in hope of winning even more money.

The consequences for such actions are broken bones and bruises along with the involvement of the authorities. Also, the men on the football field tend to get to into the game. Fights sometimes break out between men that are too competitive or have too big of egos. Now that many men have suffered serious injuries from being too violent in the games, we now have the luxury of safer equipment to use on the football field.

Helmets, pads, cleats and even referees have advanced due to the commencement of professional football. America today is a country that enjoys watching professional football, but rarely do those people realize how much the NFL has impacted their country throughout the years. The National Football League has impacted our economy because of the money being given to the players and the stadiums.

Also, no one can forget the gambling, violence and safety impacts that the professional football leagues have helped to change, for better or for worse. Despite the fact that the NFL has its entertaining qualities, it could change minds about its importance when people realize the impacts it has had on the country.

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Another way the National Football League has affected the a social matter. Whether it is the tourism, advertisements or the advancements in video games and television, the NFL has left a foot print on America socially.

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