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Utopia: The Ideal Society Essay

My Utopia Job Essay Sample

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ENG 2000: Perspectives in Literature, Professor Belli, Spring 2014
Utopia Essay
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We, humans, are one in the same. We would stop judging by skin color and see human beings in need. When perfect worlds come up in books or television, it shows one whole government ruling over the people.

The people think that just one government would just make things perfect; there would be no dictators, no communists, etc.

But in reality, if we had one government for the whole world it would be total chaos. The government, in the end, would indefinitely rule over the people and war could break out.

In my perfect world, government would be ruled by the people. We, the people, need have a choice to elect a person capable of running our country. If the people had to decide, things would be different. Everybody deserves to have a choice in their life, especially when it comes down to the person that runs your economy, job stability, and overall protection.

A perfect world is not where everybody is the same or people are separated because of skin color or physical features. A perfect world can be described as a place of happiness. Humans are capable to striving to happiness; we just need the will to find it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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My Utopia essaysMy utopia does not exist in a perfect world; the reason for this is that I believe there is no such thing as a perfect world. There are balanced worlds, and worlds that exist in harmony, but never a perfect world. If there were such thing as a perfect world there would be no need for.

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On an island not to far from the coast of South America, lives a perfect society where the members are happy and content in their role in the community. The island, also known as Salaad, is a tropical island not much larger than a medium sized town with only about people who live in this island 3/5(3).

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My “utopia”, my perfect place, my “dream world” would be something not too way over the top like flying spaceships, or robots bringing me drinks. My Utopia Essay My Utopia Utopian society in my view is where people are their own individuals, but live in small communities, supporting their neighbors and not worried about the whole world. Utopia is where people take responsibilities for their actions and feel self-empowered.

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