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❶Put in the time to make your resume exceptional. These policies are intended to eliminate confusion as to how you represent yourself.

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Cooperative Education is an optional program for students admitted to the University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce Program. Cooperative Education combines learning in the classroom with learning on the job. Students put their academic knowledge into action through periods of relevant full time work experience lasting 4 or 8 months.

Students must complete a total of 12 months of work experience in addition to all the Bachelor of Commerce Degree course work in order to receive their co-op designation.

To learn more or to apply please visit Apply to Co-op. GoinGlobal is an international opportunity support platform which includes country and city specific guides providing extensive information on employment outlook and industry trends, local job search resources, cover letter, resume and interview preparation and advice for the local market. It also provides cultural advice featuring insight into local business practices and insight into cost of living, transportation, medical, insurance, and other financial considerations.

GoinGlobal access is provided exclusively to Business students throught Business Career Services to help meet the needs of the needs of students seeking opportunity outside of the Canadian job market. Alumni are encouraged to access the job postings and our extensive online career development resources up to five years after completion of their degree.

CareerConnect is here to provide support for alumni at all stages of their careers. Sharing career advice and mentoring current students is a great way to give back to the Alberta School of Business community and build your network. Business Alumni are invited to join the Alberta School of Business Mentorship Cafe on Ten Thousand Coffees to connect with Business Students with the opportunity to collaborate, network and engage in professional development. Join now to connect with the right people for the right conversations.

Mentorship opportunities are available with current students through the Alberta School of Business Mentorship Cafe. Join now to connect with potential mentees, access support and assistance with developing a meaningful mentorship relationship. Connect with current students and expand your professional network through participation in Professional Development Events, Career Development Sessions as a guest speaker, case competition judge or employer sponsor.

Contact us today at bizcareers ualberta. What is a master resume? A master resume is a document that lists and describes in detail your work experience, accomplishments, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, etc.

Your master resume is the place to record everything you think might be valuable to share in your more tailored resume, on your job application, or in your interview. If you are a freshman, you will include involvement and achievements from high school.

Because this particular resume is for your use only, you can elaborate on responsibilities and projects that might later be pared down or, depending on the targeted position, not mentioned at all. When noting experiences and accomplishments, include the skills you demonstrated. When you are preparing for an interview, you will have a listing of different skills you have acquired and examples of how you have applied them. A comprehensive list of experiences and skills allows you to notice patterns and connections among your accomplishments and activities.

Noticing themes in your prior involvements may lead to ideas about future employment. If you have a career in mind, you may also be able to spot gaps in your background related to skills needed to secure employment. You can begin planning ways to acquire missing skills or to gain experience that you know will be valued. A functional resume focuses more on your skills and areas of experience or expertise. If your chronological resume clearly shows experiences related to the target position, then a chronological format is most appropriate for you.

If listing your qualifications chronologically does not immediately show the reader that you are a match for that job, then consider the functional format. Though employers may be drawn to the categories of experiences and skills on a functional resume, some still like to see the specific tasks you held in each job.

You can address this by including some specifics in the areas of skills that are easily associated with previous jobs. Consider asking professionals in your chosen field to review different versions of your resume and offer suggestions on the best approach.

A tailored resume is one written to address the specific requirements of the targeted job or organization. For that reason, applicants need to examine the requirements carefully and write their resume as a marketing tool for that position rather than a lengthy overview to accommodate all potential employers. Tailoring a resume begins with dissecting the job posting to have a clear understanding of what the employer needs. With that understanding, you can then consider how to present your information to show you are able to meet those needs.

Writing a tailored resume is often more difficult than people expect. Allow yourself time to write a couple of drafts and to have your resume critiqued. A member of the Career Center consulting staff will be glad to review your resume and offer suggestions. Military experience provides opportunities to develop a range of skills, many of which transfer to civilian jobs. Avoid using military jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Focus on the skills you developed in leadership, communication, teamwork, management, supervision, training, translating, coordinating, planning, monitoring, and organizing. These are among the many transferable skills gained through military experience. Resumes for federal jobs include more details than those written for jobs in private industries. You can begin building a resume for federal employment in the same way you build any resume — by listing jobs, skills, accomplishments, projects, leadership positions, and activities.

After generating this list, visit usajobs. Creating an online resume allows you to present your qualifications through videos, images, and examples of your work. Depending on your field, an online resume might be more effective than a traditional resume.

There are a variety of options for developing an online resume including paying someone to create one for you. Before deciding on this option, consider using a free service to create your own. Resume content and formats vary from country to country. If you are interested in working outside the U. No matter how clever the design, a resume will still need to convey to the employer your potential to bring value to the organization. If you put all your effort into the style of your resume, you may neglect to develop the substance.

Focus first on the content of your resume. Think of creative projects you have done as a volunteer, organization member, employee, or intern.

Relevant experience does not have to be paid experience. Let the employer know you have demonstrated your talents and honed your skills. The resumes on the following pages offer examples of ways to highlight accomplishments and diverse abilities. If you are interested in learning how you might add an appropriate touch of creativity to your resume, talk with professionals in your targeted field or meet with your career consultant in the UA Career Center.

You may also refer to page 37 for information about portfolios. Promoting creativity through a portfolio is recommended by employers who caution that creative resumes can backfire. If the organization receives hundreds of resumes for each position, you might go with a design that will stand out positively from the rest.

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