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20 Websites College Students Need to Know

15 scholarly search engines every student should bookmark

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General websites for students

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How to Start Your College Search
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As we mentioned above, Cappex is an excellent site for helping you figure out which types of schools you're interested in and which fit you well.

Below are the steps to get the most out of Cappex. Create a profile - you'll answer a lot of questions about your college preferences including location, size, selectivity, and religious affiliation as well as questions about your GPA and scores.

This gives the site an idea of what colleges may fit with your needs. You also have the opportunity to enter in schools that interest you if you already have options in mind. Play around with your Dashboard: You'll be asked to select a region and a major so that the results are more tailored to you don't worry - you can choose undecided if you aren't sure what you want to major in yet.

You'll see a slider of different schools that looks like this:. If you hover over any of the schools, you'll get an at-a-glance stats panel that shows you whether the school is public or private, its tuition rates, and the number of students. The first row of schools is for colleges that you may be interested in, and the second row is for colleges that are interested in you based on your level of high school achievement. Click on the link inside the stats panel for any school that catches your interest.

Once you get to the next page, you'll have a ton of information at your fingertips. One helpful feature that you probably want to check first is "Your Fit", which is the fourth button down on the left side panel. This gives you an easy way to tell if the college matches up well with the preferences you indicated in your profile. Explore the college a little more. Think about other things that are important to you and whether they fit well with what the college offers. You'll notice that in each college profile you can comb through a huge database of information by clicking on the options on the left.

Categories include everything from campus life to student reviews to application deadlines. Before you get too confused from all the information, try making a list of what you think will make you happy at college and target your browsing to the areas that matter most to you. If you're feeling really good about a school, you can add it to the running list of colleges that is a part of your Cappex profile. Just click the "yes" button at the top of the screen where it asks if you're interested in the school.

This will also notify the school that you are interested. Here's what your college list will look like:. Notice that you can rank colleges by how much you like them, and if you update your profile you'll see your chances of admission as well. The list also makes it easy to compare colleges. If you click on the "compare" tab you can compare colleges side by side in admissions, tuition, diversity, and campus life this could be a good way to give your parents the hard facts about why you prefer one school over another that they think is better.

After you're satisfied with your list, you can apply to schools by clicking on the "apply to college" link beneath every list entry. This will send you directly to the admissions site for the school and make it easy for you to get your application started.

Once you've made a preliminary list of colleges with Cappex, we recommend next using Chegg to refine your list and see if there are any schools you missed. Below are the steps for getting the most out of Chegg. Login through Facebook or sign up manually for a profile. Make sure you fill out as much information as you can in your profile so that your college matches will be as accurate as possible. Click on the "Colleges" tab at the top of the screen, and you'll get to a page where you can search for schools by name or sort schools by your preferences.

You can also look at lists of schools that are provided for you on the site based on student ratings for different things like "best food" or "most beautiful campus". You should also look at your "Matches", which are colleges selected for you based on the preferences you indicated in your profile. Just switch to the matches tab by clicking on it at the top of the screen:.

Once you see a college that looks promising, go to the page for the school and start exploring the statistics and ratings. You can even look at your chances of admission based on your GPA and scores. Again, I would recommend writing down some factors that are important to you for a college before you dive into the stats so that you have a more focused approach.

I think a good thing about this site is that it doesn't go too heavy on the nitty gritty statistics. It boils it down to the basic things you probably want to know and also gives you perspective from real students. Add any college you think sounds good to your list of schools. Once you add a college to your list, you will have the option to fill out information that will allow colleges you are interested in to contact you. You can then compare up to five schools side by side based on scores, admission requirements, tuition, and other basic facts.

This should help you narrow your search down significantly. Take a look at other features of the site - you can also use Chegg to find scholarships and internships! You can also find colleges on Fastweb, but it's not as streamlined as the other options. We recommend using Fastweb after you've used Cappex and Chegg to get a list of colleges you're interested in applying to. Fill out a free profile, providing as many details as possible about your interests and strengths as possible.

This will help you get matched to scholarships that are appropriate for your specific talents. Click on "see my matches" in your profile to take a look at all the scholarships that are available to you:.

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Coursera offers online courses for free from top universities all over the world. A wide range or courses are offered, including biology, mathematics, business, computer science, humanities and more. Those looking to expand their knowledge, sharpen their resume, or advance their career will find the courses here to fulfill that need. KnowledgeNet is a resource for a variety of courses centered around the field of IT and provides tools for certifications.

TutorPro makes e-learning solutions for companies and provides a platform for developing teaching tools. Additionally, they provide consulting and development advice. Compass Learning handles a variety of products; things like Odessey and Impact Teacher Academy are used to enhance the entire educational experience, bettering students and teachers alike.

Getting Smart presents different avenues in education for increasing the effectiveness of methods and providing unique solutions.

They provide an extensive variety of resources accessible online or for download. Study Guide Zone is a resource with guides for a variety of subjects with various goals in mind. TED is one of the most acclaimed educational resources, constantly releasing new ideas via TED talks, a series that brings in some of the foremost experts in a given field and lets them elaborate on whatever subject they perfer.

The Saylor Foundation Status. ACAS is geared towards providing new information and refreshing on topics relevant to employment. Atrixware designs software tools for creating e-learning software and selling it to customers. The blog provides useful websites with good and free e-learning tools. Livemocha is conscious of the rapid globalization taking place today. Through e-learning, they are hoping to expand on the amount of languages each person is fluent in.

The National Environmental Health Association implemented this website to increase the amount of tools health professionals have to succeed and does so through e-learning. TeachAde is a resource for K teachers to expand on educational tools they have previously used. Alison has a goal of enabling anyone to educate themselves for free.

The website provides tools for learning yourself, but also looks at working with educators. Some content is free, though some do require a paid subscription to access it. GCF Learn Free centers their curriculum around technology, literacy, and math skills in an attempt to provide for those who may not have certain means. The goal of iBerry is to connect those interested in high education with the information and resources desired.

The Annenburg Learner is committed to upholding the values of The Annenburg Foundation, a group with a belief in the advancement and development of effective means for the professional development of teachers. The site includes practical content, strategies, product reviews and resources to help the viewer understand online learning. Trello helps get you organized.

How to use Trello like a pro. WIZIQ is a great online resource for learning. With access to professors, tutors and more, the site allows teachers and students to meet online in real time for virtual classes. Students can enter assignments, class information, tasks and more to help manage their academic career. Creative Commons helps you share your creativity and knowledge on the Internet with their tools and licenses.

The eLearning Guild is a place for e-learning professionals to come together to share their knowledge and experience with each other. With online forums, learning solutions magazine, certificate programs, webinars and more, e-learning professionals can make it much more successful.

With a place to express opinions, read reviews, blog posts, research and case studies, and best practice tips, eLearning teachers can find tons of useful information to help them build their portfolio. ReadyGo is a place to create e-Learning and m-Learning courses. Geared towards organizations, ReadyGo can help employers create courses for their employees to take, handle strategic consulting, project management and much more.

Course Buffet is a search engine for finding open courseware from a variety of sites. This saves the user from jumping around from various open courseware sites that usually are university-specific.

Faculty Focus is designed for university professors. It provides a forum for discussing issues in higher education and includes an informative blog. Improving Teaching One Class at a Time.

The Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service is a service of the University of Illinois-Springfield and provides support for scholarly research. Individualized Learning Solutions looks at various education theories and attempts to make sense of issues in contemporary education. The website works with children at the root of the problem: Latitude Learning is a Learning Management System, or LMS, that helps businesses manage the educational offerings they and their employees use.

This can be used by companies who offer training for employees, or companies that manage a whole suite of online educational products for other clients.

Open Culture offers blog posts, videos, and other media with educational content on many topics, from world history to writing tips and links to other educational tools and resources across the web. Scott Fitzgerald on How to Write Fiction. Especially now as industries develop rapidly and rely more and more on new technologies to make efficiency gains, being able to learn a new skill mid-career is no longer an option, but a requirement for doing business, and online courses are a great way to learn additional skills without turning your schedule inside out.

Unlike many other continuing education sites that charge, Find CE touts being fee-less and provides information on conferences and seminars relevant to continuing education. Merlot is a comprehensive website with a plethora of resources to guide the viewer to various courses and information.

Imaging professionals can get their continuing education needs met at the Focus Continuing Education website. Online and print versions of the tests are available. Net is a great site with free online courses and educational resources. Almost all trade and academic subjects are found at the site that a traditional university or college would have. Our language and reading specialists provide remediation and intervention services for all ages.

Scitable Education by Nature Education is a science library with information on genetics and cell biology. The site is free and has e-books, topic rooms, knowledge projects and blogs. Is Global Warming Chiefly Manmade? Open Yale course website provides free introductory courses taught by Yale University professors. The site provides information on free online courses, E-books, adult, blended and online learning, and much more. Learning portals for on-demand learning.

AECDaily provides online continuing education courses for those in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, landscape architect and maintenance. Participants download the course, take the test and receive their results from the site.

Get Started with OCW. Tufts Open CourseWare provides a catalog of courses from Tufts University for free to enhance learning outside of the classroom. OCW Consortium offers free, online courses from universities all over the world. With nearly 7, courses, from 65 sources and 19 languages, there is certainly something for everyone.

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Not sure where to begin your college research? There are tons of online resources to help students match up with the right schools. In this article, I'll outline ten of the best sites to conduct your college search and then explain how to get started researching colleges using three of the best each section, the sites are ordered from the absolute best to those that are still good.

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Knowing where to turn for facts, handy web apps and other types of resources can make student life a lot easier. Read on for a list of 50 of the most useful and dependable online resources for college and university students. Below is a categorized list of useful student websites and online resources that will help to make student life that little bit easier from day one. General websites for students 1.

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In fact, it’s NECESSARY for college-level research. Google and other Internet search engines are great tools for researching the basics of any subject. However, when conducting research for accredited college courses, students need to find legitimate, trustworthy resources. List of insanely useful websites for college students. Thankfully, there are tons of apps and college student websites that make the process easier. And guess what we've simplified things even further, consolidating 50 of the best websites for college students .