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Mayflower and Mayflower Compact

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❶The ship carried men, women and children passengers on its only trip to New England.

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After more than two months 66 days at sea, the Pilgrims finally arrived at Cape Cod on November 11, A few weeks later, they sailed up the coast to Plymouth and started to build their town where a group of Wampanoag People had lived before a sickness had killed most of them. The Pilgrims lived on the ship for a few more months, rowing ashore to build houses during the day, and returning to the ship at night.

Many people began to get sick from the cold and the wet; after all, it was December! Finally, in March , there were enough houses that everyone could live on land. After a long, hard voyage, and an even harder winter, Mayflower left Plymouth to return to England on April 5, Traveling on the ocean years ago was a very different experience than it is today.

There were no computers, televisions, air conditioners, fancy meals or swimming pools. In the s, most ships were merchant ships. They were made for carrying cargo, like barrels of food or cloth, large pieces of wood, and casks of wine, from one place to another to be sold.

Before Mayflower sailed to New England, it had been sailing around Europe carrying wine and cloth. This cargo was probably stored in the lower decks of the ship in one large, open storage area. There were no windows on this deck because windows might let in seawater that would ruin the cargo. A little water would leak in anyway, though, so this area was always cold, damp and dark.

The storage decks had very low ceilings. The ship had low-ceilinged decks to make it safer and to save space for the decks where the sailors lived.

A ship that was too tall might tip over or sink. The crew sailors and officers of the ship lived on the upper decks. In , there were about crewmembers on Mayflower. The Master , in charge of sailing the ship, was Christopher Jones. He probably had his quarters , or living space, at the stern the back of the ship.

This was the driest and most comfortable area on the ship. Order by Date Order by Price. The seventeenth century influenced Bradford in two significant ways. It taught him to regard English culture as superior to the native cultures he encountered in North America, and it taught him to What were Bradford's attitudes and values in his book?

What does the Mayflower Compact explicitly say? What does it suggest through its careful Chapter Nine describes the stormy, dangerous, and difficult passage that Bradford and the Pilgrims endured before arriving in Massachusetts Bay. The main theme of the chapter, and really the book In writing the history of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford gave God the credit for pretty much everything he and the other Separatists experienced in their journey on the Mayflower in and What theme does the author of the History of Plymouth Plantation want to convey?

Throughout the book, Bradford interprets every event that occurs, both good and bad for the For months, Indians watched the English and stole some tools but made no overtures until Samoset approached in March and spoke to them in broken English. He told the English about the number of What is a summary of chapter one of "History of Plymouth Plantation"?

The first chapter of History of Plymouth Plantation is an account of how the Reformation proceeded in England. Broadly, Bradford describes the struggle between Catholics, who he calls the "gross How do the sailors' reactions compare to that of the Pilgrims when facing hardships in William One sailor, a "proud and profane young man," in particular is especially outspoken in mocking the Pilgrims for their seasickness.

He seems to regard them as a hassle, and he curses them every day Could you please give me a summary of chapter 7 of "History of Plymouth Plantation" by William This was when they In light of all the difficulties that were to follow between the Europeans and the Native Why do you think William Bradford mainly writes about the settlers as a whole, rather than as One reason is that Bradford does not attribute the ultimate success of the colony to the actions of men.

In Plymouth Plantation, he is far less interested in portraying the bravery or the hardiness How does Bradford's analysis of the events relate to the purpose of the book History of Plymouth To answer this question we need to carefully consider the purpose of William Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation. This book is generally thought of as a history of life in early colonial New Define typology to the Puritans.

How does typology inform the work of Puritan authors? Theological typology is a school of Biblical interpretation concerned with the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

According to typology, the Old Testament serves as an In History of Plymouth Plantation, locate and analyze two examples of Bradford's use of allusions A major purpose in writing the history was to illustrate the important role played by God in the survival and What is the meaning of "Puritanism"?

In the 's, the word Puritan was first coined as a derisive name for those who advocated more purity in Christian doctrine and practices. Puritans emphasized a direct religious experience Why should current American society appreciate and respect this literature: The society of the United States should appreciate this literature because American histories would be incomplete without William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation. Not simply a mere historical What message is Bradford trying to convey in History of Plymouth Plantation?

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