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2.5 Rounding of Numbers

❶One way of using them when tutoring is to lay out the cards face-up and then challenge your children to pick up as many matching pairs as they can.

Mental Math Activities: Estimating and Rounding

Place value and rounding worksheets from K5 Learning
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Round to the underlined place value. Round the whole numbers according to the underlined place value. Round numbers up to hundred in level 1 and up to thousand in level 2. Each worksheet has one word problem for practice. Indicate the given number on the number line. Check the number which is close to the given number and round it to the nearest place value.

Know more about rounding by marking all the correct responses that round the number to the given place value. The worksheets on rounding whole numbers to the given place value have MCQs based on two levels.

Level 1 have numbers up to hundreds and level 2 has numbers up to hundred thousands. Round the large numbers to its nearest ten thousand, hundred thousand and million.

Members have exclusive facilities to download an individual worksheet, an entire level or the complete lesson. Login Become a Member Feedback. See All Math Topics. Download the Complete Set 3. Hundreds chart for rounding Hundreds charts for rounding are given in three different ways.

Download the set 3 Worksheets. Round to the nearest ten Round the given whole numbers to the nearest ten. Round up or round down Indicate the given number on the number line and round it to its nearest place value in section A.

Round to the nearest hundred Each rounding worksheet has numbers up to three-digits. Match to the nearest ten and hundred In these rounding worksheets, help the chicks, puppies and kittens reach their mothers by rounding their numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. Two levels of difficulty with 3 worksheets each Download the set 6 Worksheets.

Round to the nearest thousand Three-digit and four-digit numbers are to be rounded to the nearest thousand in these worksheets.

Ten, hundred, thousand Round each number to its nearest ten, hundred and thousand. Round to the underlined place value Round the whole numbers according to the underlined place value. In this case, since we are rounding to the nearest ones place, or units, we will look at the digit to the right which is the tenths place. If the tenths place is 5 or greater the unit, or ones, will increase by one. If the tenths place is less than If the tenths place is less than 5 our ones will stay the same.

Our tenths digit is a 3, therefore our units will stay a 7. The rest of the numbers to the right of the ones, disappear or become zeros but we don't place in the answer. By rounding to the nearest one it means round to the nearest whole number.

So the number You round it down because. First determine which number is in the ones place. In your case, that number is 7. Now, look at the number immediately to the right of it.

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How to Round a Number Rounding a number is when you take a number and "bump it up" or "bump it down" to a nearby and "cleaner" number. A number can be rounded to any place value you want.

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Rounding Numbers Rounding is useful for estimating numbers. In order to round numbers, you must first know place values. Below are some steps and examples on how to round numbers. Step 1: Underline the number that is in the place that you are being asked to round to. Step 2: Circle the number that is directly to the right of the number you . Number after digit you stop is 7. 7 is greater than 5. Add 1 to the digit you stop i.e. add 1 to 3. 1+3=4. Therefore the answer is Email Based Homework Help in Math Rounding Of Numbers. To Schedule a Rounding Of Numbers tutoring session Live chat To submit Rounding Of Numbers assignment click here.