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Homework Help Tutors & Teachers for Lessons, Instruction or Help in Raleigh, NC

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❶My first teaching experience was in the middle school, grade 8.

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We're able to do things that other schools can't.

Too many homework projects? Students in Raleigh need a reliable source when looking for educational assistance. We are the leader in providing tutoring resources to those in Raleigh. Struggling or looking for a quality Raleigh tutor? Multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham decoding instruction, Special Education Phonics, Reading, Decoding, Spelling, and written expression programs Hands on multi sensory therapeutic interventions for written number and letter reversals Visual Motor Integration Handwriting Improvement Dyslexia Dysgrapia Dyscalculia, ADHD Autism Special academic programs Integrative therapeutic exercises and brain training for Attention Memory and concentration 20 years experience as a Reading Disorder Dyslexia language Tutor and Reading specialist 20 years experience as a certified visual perceptual reading disorder therapist and Learning disability therapist.

With many years of work experience with employees of varying skill levels, I understand what it takes to be a valued contributor and understand that students learn in very different ways.

Creating a relationship with information that is meaningful to the student is the best way to help them learn a concept or process. Most learning focuses on information assimilation while I focus on applying the concept or process to a real work situation that has meaning to the student. I have tutored for many years and have a unique way of relating to those I wish to help. I had to learn things on my own having been an orphan since my parents passed at age I understand the importance of guidance and mentorship necessary in order to breakthrough to some individuals.

That which is able to best accomodate my students. As long as you can relate the information in a way that interests the student. Let me help you with your homework. I know having a tutor who cares about your future or your child's future is essential.

I am the kind of person you can depend on to get that A in class. I have always been a dedicated student all my life. I teach a variety of subjects as I am proficient in many of them. I only teach subjects or test preps that I know I can help the student in. I know I can help any student do well in class if she or he follows my guide-line. My GPA has always been between 3.

I give notes, guide-lines and encouragement. I am very patient. I have tutored kids for about seven years now. I have had a very good report with all the students I have tutored. I usually tutor students in high school, college and University I work as an Accountant in Raleigh and I am available anytime after five o'clock monday to friday and weekends. I can tutor on a one-to-one basis in whatever location the student prefers. Children can understand visually, verbally or in written form.

Each child has different ways of understanding a particular subject and it is important to find out how the child wants to be tutored very earl. Prepared students for Microsoft certifications. FIrst I figure out what the problem is student's approach to answering a question or studying a concept. I look to see what they know and if I notice something missing in their understanding I'll fill in that "gap" by showing them a more easier or revealing process to answering a question.

Before introducing the approach I know that works and I've used because I'm not a genius by nature, but by experience I'll talk to the student about important ideas that they need to know. I'm permanently a student. Coincidentally, I separated to take the opportunity to go back to school.

Explore all our educational services. Ask Us Your Questions. Check out what our Parents have to say about the success of their children in our Cary, NC private school. My husband and I feel so fortunate that our 5 year old son attends the Transitional Kindergarten at Learn with the Best. He has grown by leaps and bounds socially, emotionally and academically since attending school there. Jill is an excellent teacher and truly cares about her students.

C and R Transitional Kindergarten Parents. Our daughter has made amazing strides in all areas during our first year with Ms. Jill and her team. She has made significant growth in academic progress and social and motor skills. We are so pleased to be a part of this great school. We are thrilled with our decision to transfer our daughter to Learn with the Best School. BrainTrust Tutors help your student truly understand the following steps: Choose a subject matter; Find source materials; Gather notes; Outline the paper; Write the first draft; Edit the final draft.

BrainTrust can show your child how to achieve success by improving his skills in time management, note taking, reading, memorization, presentations and exam study. Good study skills are premised on the ability of a child to Listen; Identify key concepts; Summarize major findings; and Write in a cogent fashion. Students cannot master all of these excellent study skills at once. We start with a diagnostic review of study skill core competencies. After our review of this diagnostic test, we can best prepare your student to confront the listening, reading and writing skills they need to excel in both homework assignments and tests.

Many 21st century schools, both public and private, provide limited foundation in the one critical common denominator found among good readers: Reading does not need to be an activity which must be endured — BrainTrust Tutors will make it fun!

Mastery of phonics and skimming techniques are crucial to your child's future success. Parental input is also critical in terms of reinforcing the incredible power of books. Keyboarding and typing programs are offered for Grades 2—5 and Grades 6— In a "computerized" world, quick and easy access to projects and communicative skills on the web are critical.

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Homework Help is the heart and soul of Cedar Point Community Outreach. During the school year, this program is available to all students living at Cedar Point Apartments. Students are paired with tutors to complete homework or work on remedial skills. An incentive reading party keeps students moving forward. Raleigh, NC Subscribe. .

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Free tutoring and homework help for high school students in a variety of subjects. Work one on one or in small groups weekly with a qualified tutor.

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The Homework Haven is an after-school program that provides a quiet place for students to complete their homework with the assistance of adult tutors. We strive to help each child realize their full potential by encouraging the development of strong reading comprehension and math skills. With homework help in Raleigh, NC from Sylvan, your child can master tricky concepts and conquer challenging assignments. Contact us today to learn more.

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Raleigh After School Tutoring Positions. Find dozens of opportunitites in Raleigh, NC. We also have one large dog that would need basic care during those hours (she is very friendly!). Some homework help, light housework and meals for breakfast and dinner needed. Start date is mid September. All Raleigh Care; North Carolina After School. For all grade levels, our homework help sessions focus on current and individualized North Carolina school curriculums. We consider all course work, notes, and textbooks in preparing students for assignments and test preparation.