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❶The major drawback of the primary data is that the respondents at times are not co operative enough and the process is time consuming Jiang et al

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If the topic to write a research paper is based on selection or recruitment process, you must have some powerful missiles to intercept your rivals with lot of strong facts to support the importance of the selection of the best candidates for particular jobs. Start your dissertation with a short statement to steer your vehicle of research hopefully.

Readers need to be concerned about the purpose of recruiting employees. Why is this short listing process necessary to people? Organizations recruit candidates depending on merit and intelligence of applicants. The academic paper must have guidelines, roadmap and more effective components to convince opponents with new theories In support of your statement.

Recruitment is done in professional and academic world. Students have to have good credits by answering to the questions asked by senior teachers. It is the assessment for quality assurance and competence measurement.

Teachers shortlist the best student who completes their courses brilliantly and successfully. The proper skill test is conducive to the detection of negative components and weak points. Simultaneously, the positive aspects of students are also acknowledged through this screening test. What is the benefit of enhancing the selection process? Why do you need to choose candidates through the evaluation test? In commercial organizations, recruitment is the best way to absorb talented employees.

They can make significant contribution to the growth and success of the company. But for this concept to be successful it is the organisations duty to use efficient recruitment techniques and employ the right person for the right job. The most important focus of an organisation should be on the means of attracting, retaining and developing the skills of the labour force.

So the organisations should use this intellectual capital to the very fullest of their advantage. Since the employee is the one who possess the intellect hence he has the deciding power as to whether he wants to contribute to the growth of the company or not https: Hence in this case if the employee is unsatisfied or is being exploited by the employer than the organization would tend to lose on the human capital.

This theory considers the labor force as the biggest asset of an organization. Hence it can be stated that investment in recruitment and selection process will generate high returns in form of the quality labor force which the company will receive.

According to Byrne every company should try to incorporate this theory within their system. Basic logic states that investment without return is a loss but if the employee is worth investing then the company should pay attention to that fact.

Generally people consider the investment on educational qualification of a child as an example of human capital investment. Rather it is a part of it. The education would benefit the child in the future but in the present scenario it is not creating in value for the society. Some of the public as well as the private sectors invest in training of the new entrants — this may be termed as an example of human capital. This training cost is incurred by the company but it is not a loss.

It is a gain for both the parties. From the employers view point the training would enhance the ability of the employee and this knowledge and hence he can contribute to the productivity of the organisation. Again in the part of the employee it is an added advantage for him because he is not only deriving extra knowledge but also increasing his skills which would be useful for him in the future jobs Wood and Payne Sometimes it is noted that the employee is required to pay for the training he is supposed to undertake.

He may agree on the investment part thinking that it would help him to earn more in the near future. And in this context the flaws of the theory can be noted. Compton and Nankervis stated that the theory is based on the non tangible concepts which cannot be measured. It can only be evaluated or predicted that it would be successful in the near future. It cannot be guaranteed that the future income will increase for the training being provided in the present situation.

Money cannot buy everything — this well known proverb is being rightly said and it is very logical in this context Arvey and Campion He may fail to reach the required standards of expectation. So the investment may go in vain. Studies have suggested that though some of the variations in the skills are a result of the trainings but majority of the variations are for other uncertain purposes. This theory has received a lot of criticisms over the past years because of the uncertainty of the factors which are considered by the employers and the employees Langan The experts have also criticised that the theory consists of the concept of individualism.

The theory deals with the individual interests. Again in the other case the employee may opt for the training with the prospect of having future income gain. So both the parties shave different interests which may conflict at some point of time https: At times it may also happen that the employee after obtaining the work knowledge from the company officials may leave the company for a better future prospect.

In this scenario the company cannot stop the employee from taking any such decisions. The company here will suffer the loss for the expense they made in respect of that particular employee. It is often seen that in the public sectors the officials in spite of having good educational background is not able to perform. This results from the lack of proper training Kunerth and Mosley The public sector administration is certain about the fact that whether the employee gets promotions or not, even if he gets better job offers then also the employee will retain this job.

In the present employment scenario, securing a public sector job is a dream for the job seekers. By making the recruitment process difficult, the government has ensured that there should not be a high labour pool in this sector. Hence when an aspirer succeeds in getting the job from the millions of other competitors then the mere thought of leaving it would scare him to hell.

Hence the employers here are least bothered about the improvement of the skills of the employees. This is the basic reason why the public sector productivity decreases Marshall It is closely connected with the above theory. This theory states that if a company as a good and strong resource base then it gains an advantage over its competitors.

The logical explanation behind this theory is that the human force which one company is employing is the most important resource base and it cannot be employed by another company at the same time. So if the company has a very efficient work force then it would be an advantage of the company over its competitors Parry and Wilson Work culture and internal relationships play a very important role in this case.

The company should create certain emotional barriers so as to retain the professionalism within the organisations. If any personal relation arises within the organisation then immediately it affects the productivity of the employee as well as it hampers the working environment. Paauwe and Boselie stated that for this theory to be fruitful the company should have a very sound system of recruitment and selection.

The work force can be considered as a n useful resource only when it is of very good quality. Suppose a manager is a resource to an organisation only when the manager has huge qualitative as well as quantitative contributions in the company.

The company can benefit from the skills of that manager and can make use of the new ideas to capture the market share. But contradicting the above point it can be stated that not all resources have their own capability Landy and Kohler The term resource from the view point of economics includes capital, land, materials, labour brand names, patents etc.

So for a company to succeed all the resources have to be productive. But if we consider land, then it is a non living factor and hence it cannot be productive on its own. Hence all the resources have to co operate and work together to attain the total productivity. The company thus must first understand whether the human resource is valuable and rare. Only these two factors will help the company to gain a competitive advantage over the other companies https: Other factors like technology, land, financial support etc are readily available for the company.

But a company will not get qualified personnel as and when required. Hence the HR department of any sector should prioritise the recruitment and selection procedure of the company. Brown et al are of the opinion that a new mind is always eager to learn and would grasp the situations easily. So rather than relying on the on- the- job training part the company should directly recruit the capable candidate.

As stated earlier in the previous theory there can be many problems in training the employee. Hence the factors which influence the recruitment process affect both the parties at the same time.

The HR policy of the organisation classifies the factors into two broad categories:. In order to understand the internal environment factors of the topic it is necessary to get an idea about the important internal factors which have the highest effect on the recruitment process Paauwe and Boselie, But in case of a small private sector company recruitment process is very simple as a complex process will be costly for them Bingham and Davidson, To recruit the right candidate who is reliable for the job the companies generally rely on the sources which they get from the existing employees.

But apart from those sources the companies should also recruit from external sources so as to avoid biasness Judge and Ferris, Goodwill of the organisation: Davidson opined that the higher the goodwill of the company the higher will be the reliability.

So the company having good brand name in the market will attract large number of employee applications. Judge and Ferris for instance in this project the emphasis is on the public sector hence if their recruitment process is evaluated then it can be seen that they attract large pool of labour because of the fact that they have goodwill in the market. The job seekers are of the opinion that public sector jobs are secure and provide attractive perks.

The nature of the job, the name of the post, the salary package and other factors like the perquisites, the location and the recruitment policies should be clearly mentioned in the different forms of advertisements Paauwe and Boselie, Certain jobs require only the male candidates like the jobs involving field works or hardcore selling jobs.

Again there is no age bar for joining the private sectors but there is a minimum age limit till which a person can apply for the public sector.

In case of work experience and qualification, the private sector gives more emphasis on these compared to the public sector where the minimum qualification required is very low Bingham and Davidson, Increasing rate of unemployment: The vacancy over the globe is not increasing simultaneously with the increasing rate of unemployment. Hence the end result is that there are thousands of applicants for a particular job.

Braine states that it made the process easy as well as difficult on the part of the recruiter. The recruiter can get an option to choose from amongst the applicants but also in this process he may miss a genuine talent.

Demand and supply factors: If the demand for a particular skill is high in the market but the supply for the same is low then the process becomes difficult and vice versa Williamson Alan and Macklin states the caste system encourages employment opportunities in the backward classes. The change in the government will force the company to make amendments in the existing policies. The social structure of the country like if it is a male dominated society then the number of female employees will be less.

Finding and selecting the quality workforce forms the base of any company. Hence the gaps in the recruitment process should be identified as early as possible and should be mended for the well being of the company. The following gaps are noticed in the different sectors in the present day situation Arthur, Narrow mindset of the recruiter: The recruiter may sometimes nbe biased in his views. He may have been searching for particular quality in the candidate but on failing to find it he may reject the person Byrne, The recruiter may not be in a calm emotional state when he is recruiting and thereby can take a wrong decision.

He may reject a good employee and accept an inefficient one. The company before starting the process of recruitment should first be very clear about the job description and what they expect from the candidate. Otherwise the candidate will also not be able to figure out his work https: Marshall stated that the public sector is under the control of the government and hence it is seen that the least deserving candidates get through the examinations and are allocated the highest posts.

Reservation system also acts as a gateway for less eligible candidates in this sector. Existing employees are an asset to the company that is true but new mind is required to face the growing competition Kunerth and Mosley, As per Huselid the vacancies in public sector had decreased 1n the year compared to in the year In spite of this fact the companies have reported that in the year the vacant posts were not filled.

When there is such increasing rate of unemployment still prevailing all over the world then how is this scenario possible?

A critical evaluation reveals that there are certain loopholes in the system. The number of employees required for the different grades are not available it seems. Apart from that there is also a problem of retention of employees in different posts. It has been reported that different officials have resigned from their jobs due various petty reasons Arvey and Campion Armstrong have spotted out that the public sector is facing different barriers in recruiting the right candidate for right posts.

The reports say that for certain different posts like the posts of the surveyor, civil engineer, health and safety officers, architects — the administration is facing difficulty in finding the right candidate with the right qualification.

The officials have reported that the candidates are not having the required educational qualification. Hence these posts tend to remain vacant for the rest of the year. To provide a solution to this the government has tried to incorporate the training process to train the existing employees so that they can do the job https: They are trying to provide them with specialised training facilities so as to make them suitable for the scarce posts.

This problem has forced the government sector to take the services of the already retired persons for some special jobs. Hence it can be said that the quantity may be unlimited but the quality of the personnel is decreasing day by day. Another problem which the public sector is dealing with is that the already existing employees are very casual in the workplace. Since their risk of losing a job is very low hence they are very casual in their approach https: The recruitment and selection process here has a big flaw in the part of the recruiters.

The recruiters need to ask the candidates the right questions so as to judge them truly. But they fail in doing so. They are advertising the job vacancies through print and social media and are able to attract a large pool of students but not the right ones. Only clearing the entrance examination is not enough for the candidate. In some instances it is also seen that the candidate clearing the interview may get the joining offer after two more years Gatewood and Feild In the general posts like the clerical post there may be fewer vacancies as compared to the number of eligible candidates.

Hence when it comes to allocating the posts the officials face a big difficulty in doing so and are forced to keep the candidates on hold. Huselid reported that lately due to job uncertainty many private sector employees are shifting from this sector to the public sectors. Initially this shift was regarded as a successful leap. But then it was found that the private sector employees are more concerned about the profit or wealth maximization rather than the job quality improvement.

Hence this recruitment decision turned out to be a disaster. This turned out to be advantageous only in some cases like in areas of media and communication involvements of private sector employees were fruitful https: The main problem of recruiting occurs at the senior levels where the employers are in need skilled people with good work experience and also having specialized knowledge in that field.

Alan and Macklin states that this problem has arisen in the present day because of the strict government policies. The government has reduced the pay scales and in some companies and have discarded the pension scheme. Hence the jobs are becoming less attractive to people with good specialized skills and long work experience. These people expect high pay according to their ability hence they opt for the private sector jobs Brown et al.

The above mentioned theories outline the basic needs on the part of both the employer and the employee to recruit and retain a job. In the present day scenario if the HR department of the public sector follows the theories in the practical way then they can gain some benefit out of it.

The number of unemployed people is high and the employers have a huge pool of candidates to recruit from, so to solve the recruitment problems they should be very objective about their requirements.

The public sector employees should free themselves from the biasness like the reservation system and the political pressures. The attractiveness of the job is also very necessary for the job seekers so changing the existing policies from time to time might be of help. The reports say that with the passage of time the rate of unemployment is increasing. Majority people are not getting jobs in the public sectors because of the difficulty in the entrance exams and those who are being employed in the private concerns are not satisfied with the job.

Hence if both the sectors can mend their flaws then the overall rate if unemployment can be reduced. A research is an integral part for completing a project successfully. The methodology classifies the different scientific methods to be used in a particular project.

This puts light on the topic on which the project is based. The methodology in this project points out the approach of the research, the philosophy behind the study, proper sampling and data collection methods, the total sample size and also the techniques undertaken by the researcher to conduct the survey.

Hair and Money states that the methodologies used by the researcher. As per the topic the researcher found it relevant to accept the positivism philosophy and continue the research with the deductive research approach using a descriptive research design. The researcher will take the help of both primary and secondary data to analyze the situations. The primary data would be collected through the process of interviewing the different target respondents and for the secondary data the researcher will take the help of the internet based information and the existing theories about recruitment and selection.

Cameron confirms that the data collected from various sources and the conclusions thus derived are ethical, logical, reliable and valid in the context of the topic. Magilvy and Thomas are of the opinion that the layers of the onion should be revised and arranged for a flawless research process because according to them collection of data and analyzing the data which falls under the last layer that is the technique part should come first.

But the others are of the opinion that although data analyzing is the most important part of a research but still the researcher should first recognize the philosophies and the approaches he is going to incorporate before doing the data analysis. This would help the researcher to analyze the data easily and quickly Harrison and Reilly, The first stage of the research onion is the research philosophy.

It deals with the concept of how the researcher perceives the surroundings. It includes the knowledge that is included in the study. The research philosophy is basically of three types namely the positivism, realism and interpretive.

The philosophy of positivism deals with the verification of the information which is actually observed by the researcher. The realism approach on the other hand deals only with the prevailing theories related to the topic and encourages the researcher to conduct the research based on the historical data and personal intuition. Interpretive philosophy involves interpretation of human factors and the role of human in the society Kimber and Lipton, According to Crouch and Pearce positivism is the process of conducting a research based on the observation and experiments conducted regarding the project.

Being a positive thinker the researcher has chosen the positivism approach because it is more realistic. He can collect data from both the primary and the secondary sources to analyze the recruitment and selection process of BPSC.

If the researcher uses the other two philosophies then he could have avoided this flaw. But this philosophy enables him to keep the research close to reality. This philosophy is based on the facts that are available and observable and not on some facts which are completely imaginative in nature Brannen, Research approach outlines the method in which the researcher will conduct the research.

It is generally of two types the deductive research approach and the inductive research approach Ellis and Levy, The deductive approach is the mostly used approach where the conclusions are derived from the data which is collected by the researcher. This is the traditional method of research. Whereas in case of the inductive approach the researcher takes the views from the respondents and with the help of the existing theories he derives at a conclusion which can also lead to the discovery of a new concept.

The following theory is selected because the researcher is evaluating the current recruitment and selection scenario of BPSC and hence taking direct feedbacks from the students and the officials would generate a clear picture about its problems Toloie-Eshlaghy, If he had selected the inductive approach then he would have to deal with the theoretical part of the study.

The approach here will fail to highlight the present prevailing problems. If the researcher was required to suggest a new theory in respect of the study then he would have taken the help of the inductive approach. The approach here will help the researcher to present the collected data in a statistical manner. However this approach may overlook certain qualitative factors Bottomley and Doyle, Lodico and Spaulding opined that research design is the blueprint of the research process because it outlines what are the methods of data collection, interments used for data collection and the analyzing techniques.

Generally two types of research designs are used one is exploratory and the other is descriptive design. The exploratory method is used for the study where the problem is not identified. When the researcher has no clear idea about the topic of the research, he takes help of the exploratory research technique. In this technique he analyses the literature part related to the topic and takes the help of the past data to conduct the research work.

Descriptive design points out the aims, objectives and the research questions clearly and on the basis of that the research can collect the quantitative data and analyze it Lodico and Spaulding, The researcher here is required to deal with the current problems prevailing in the recruitment and selection process of the BPSC. So he has a clearly defined problem hence he will positively select the descriptive research design.

This design will enable him to frame out a questionnaire as per the requirement of the study and then through the process of interview he can collect the required data and reach to conclusions Bolton and Lemon, This design enables the researcher to make an in depth analysis of the collected data.

However this design overlooks the qualitative aspect of the study. In case if the researcher would not have been familiar with the subject and he required any guidance about the matter then he could have taken the help of exploratory design.

The researcher here incorporates the probability sampling and the non probability sampling. The researcher for the purpose of detail findings has taken a total sample size of 5 respondents comprising of officials of the BPSC. In case of probability sampling the respondents are selected in a random way that is the researcher cannot give any explanation as to why he had selected the respondent, the researcher should only keep in mind that fact that the respondent should be a part of the total sample population.

And in non probability sampling the opposite is followed where the researcher has to select the respondents based on some judgment. This is also called the judgment sampling Crowther and Lancaster, In this project the researcher has applied the probability sampling in case of the students to be interviewed and non probability in case of the officials of BPSC. In case of the students selected as the respondents the researcher used the simple probability technique and in case of the officials the researcher selected them as per his personal choice.

Here he interview on a purposive basis. Dev et al concluded that the drawback of random sampling is that in this method the researcher can select the respondents either equally or unequally. In this case since the researcher is using non probability for a very small part of the total sample size hence it is advantageous on his part. The data which is collected by the researcher is of two types — primary data and secondary data. Primary data signifies the original data collected by the researcher separately for each project through the distribution of questionnaire to the sample respondents.

The data thus collected represents the actual views of the respondents. The major drawback of the primary data is that the respondents at times are not co operative enough and the process is time consuming Jiang et al The secondary data is the data collected by the researcher from the past sources like from the books, magazines, journals and the internet. It saves the time and the cost of the data collection.

Here the primary data is collected through the process of taking interviews by distributing the pre prepared questionnaires containing the questions which describes the aim of the study. The researcher conducted his interview among the students and the officials so as to collect the primary data.

The secondary data here include the different sites, books and journal from which the researcher has taken the help about the different concepts relating to the study. The method used is the qualitative method Onwuegbuzie et al The researcher here uses both methods to analyze his data.

In common terms quantitative method includes the representation of the data in a statistical and graphical format. And the qualitative method includes the explanation of the statistical data which is analyzed. The quantitative method is generally applied on the primary data only and the qualitative method is applied on the secondary materials Reijmersdal et al The researcher here uses the quantitative technique on the results obtained from the interviews. And the qualitative technique is used for the purpose of analyzing the stated theories.

The ethics regarding the research describes the legal aspect of the research work and how authentic is the project. The project thus undertaken should be completed keeping in mind the moral and legal values of the society Kimber and Lipton The researcher here confirms that the research was completed keeping in mind the acceptable and the unacceptable part of the society. All the data primary as well as secondary collected were used only for the purpose of the study. The sources from where the data was collected as reliable and correct.

The researcher confirms that there was no incorporation of biasness in the answers of the respondents. The secondary data thus collected is also genuine and has been interpreted in easy language so as derive fruitful result.

The researcher had strictly abided by the norms provided by the university. In the following research paper the researcher has faced certain barriers in the process of conducting the research process Cameron, These hindrances have resulted in not getting a full correct result from the analysis.

The researcher being a student had limited financial access and also limited time to complete the project. Hence the sample size thus taken is very small. Secondly the researcher also had limited knowledge about the use of different statistical tools. Hence there may be a difference in the results of the project. The researcher has conducted the survey and prepared the report by using a pre determined methodology. This has enabled the researcher to conduct the research in a systematic way and less time consuming manner.

The laws and the ethics are followed in the project and the results thus derived are free from any kind of biasness. The report will thus serve the purpose of the study. This chapter deals with the primary data which has been collected by the researcher by the process of conducting interviews. The researcher for the purpose of an unbiased answer has taken the views of the different levels of the managers and officials present in the various departments of Bangladesh public service commission.

The researcher has conducted the interviews of 5 officers of the Bangladesh Public service commission. The questionnaire thus produced was of qualitative nature where the researcher took the views of the respondents and recorded them. The respondents were interviewed with the help of the survey questionnaires and the answers thus received were analysed with the help of various statistical tools.

Two managers stated that majority recruitment takes place through the process of direct recruitment that is by taking examinations of external candidates. Two other managers are of the opinion that recruitment also takes place through the process of promotion. The researcher on the basis of the information available from the officials reached a certain conclusion.

Hence it can be stated that the Public service commission of Bangladesh is filling the posts by using three methods of recruitment. Out of which two are internal recruitment and only one is devised for the external recruitment. Since the commission is recruiting less number of fresh candidates hence the system is not being improved and it is also leading to the increase in the rate of unemployment. Since the tenure of service of the employees are high in case of the government sectors hence the methods of internal promotion and the transfers will lead to a decrease in the number of vacant posts.

The first manager is of the opinion that the direct recruitment system is effective enough and it helps to find qualified candidates. The second manager is however disagrees to this point and states that the direct recruitment system has some flaws and cannot judge the correct qualified candidate. The third manger says that the promotion is fruitful on the part of the employee but it should not be a mean of recruiting. The fifth manager adds that the direct recruitment and promotions are effective but at times the transfers are not a very effective means of recruitment.

When asked about the effectiveness of the recruitment process prevailing in the BPSC the officials gave the above views. From the above views it is very clear that the officials are concerned only about their own welfare and are not very concerned about the welfare of the office.

The first officer stated that the direct recruitment process is a sound and effective process of recruitment. But the second and the fourth manger disagrees to that point According to them direct recruitment may be the popular way of recruiting for all government sectors but the system is not able to find the correct qualified candidate for the correct job.

The researchers from the secondary sources have tried to analyse the views of the mangers regarding the effectiveness of the direct recruitment system. Direct recruitment process is the process of conducting competitive examinations which are generally done for recruitment at the entry level. For this procedure the PSC has to first determine the number of vacancies which are available.

Rather they have to first realize the total manpower need of the organization. Then on the basis of that they will float the advertisement and on receiving the applications they will analyze it on the basis of the eligibility criteria and then shortlist the candidates for the purpose of written examination. But the officers in charge are of the opinion that a common written examination which is being conducted year over year in the same pattern is not the suitable way to judge the ability of the candidates.

The researcher has analysed this problem and is of the opinion that the since the pattern of the written examination is same hence any person can learn the questions and pass the examination. The third manger rightly sates that the promotional method may be useful in case of the existing employee but it is not successful in appointing any new talent in the organisation.

In BPSC promotion is based on three factors namely on the merit basis, on the level of seniority and if the employee abides by the rules and regulations of the organisation. Then finally according to the fifth manger the transfers are also not an effective means of recruiting the candidate. They have suggested that the transfers should take place at least at an interval of three years. If the officials are very frequently transferred from one place to another then they will face the difficulty in adjusting with the new place as well as the new job specification.

It is not possible on the part of the company as well as the employee to receive training about a new job every year. This reduces his capability. The first manager is of the opinion that the BPSC recruitment is influenced by the political interference. He also states that the commission is not financially independent. The second manger adds that the internal policies are not flawless.

There are problems in the method of conducting the exams and also correction of the papers. The commission also not able to attract new candidates. The third manger is of the opinion that the recruitment process is affected by the mistake of the officials present within the organisation and their lack of accountability process. The fourth manager agreeing to the point of the third manger says that the demographic factor like the gender discrimination affects the recruitment process.

The fifth manger added another factor to the already existing factors. He said that effect of the quota system is high on the recruitment process. The first manager has pointed out a very valid and commonly found factor influencing the recruitment process.

It has been always noted that the PSC is partially under the control of the ruling party, although the commission claims that it is an independent body. But that is not the reality. The researcher from his sources as well as from the interviews of the officials has come to conclusion that the government interference within the committee has resulted in making the recruitment process corrupt.

The top commission officials are mainly the people referred by the political parties. Similarly at the time of fresh recruitment the officials give opportunity to only the candidates who are preferred by the political parties. He also stated that the PSC is under the funding of the government and hence is under the pressure to follow the norms set by the government.

The second manger is of the opinion that the internal policies itself is not efficient enough to induce a sound process of recruitment. The sources reveal that the there has been irregularities in the examination process.

The manager is of the opinion that there have been certain instances in the previous years of examination where the question papers have been leaked or the candidates have been caught copying illegally in the examination hall. Even the merit list which is prepared at the end of the examination is reported to contain the names of various failed candidates.

Apart from this point the manger also mentioned that over the years because of the corrupt process the commission has lost the faith of the students. And the commission in spite of having sufficient vacancies is not able to attract new candidates.

The view of the third manager is somewhat similar to that of the second manger. He is of the opinion that the lack of accountability on the part of the employees is a big factor influencing the recruitment process. The manager here stated that the committee faces different problems at the time of conducting the examination. The inadequate number of staffs stops from segregating the work load.

The machines used for the printing of the question papers are less in number. This delays the work of the officials. The office equipments like the storage facility or introduction of computerised system of keeping the records are not present in the organisation.

The BPSC has a reservation for the number of female candidates they can recruit. The fourth manager is of the opinion that this demographic factor influences the process. Only one fourth of the total recruit every year is female candidate. So in case of recruiting if it is found that the majority numbers of female candidates are qualified for the posts even then the commission has no authority to appoint them.

Hence the commission misses out on a range of good employees. According to the fifth manager not only the gender discrimination but also the prevailing quota system has been influencing the recruitment process. Although the commission is not in favour of recruiting the candidates for the top level posts by quota discrimination but still quota discrimination is an inseparable part of the government decree. They are given the jobs not only merit basis but on the reservation basis.

The manger here feels that this reduces the opportunity of appointing a more capable employee. The officials have reported that the 1uoat for the freedom fighters is very high in percentage to the other quotas. And in comparison to the number of vacancies available under this quota there are less number of candidates, among them majority of the candidates are not qualified for the given posts, but still the commission is forced to appoint them.

They also have no official website to advertise the vacancies. The second manager says that the reservation system makes it difficult on the part of the commission to get the eligible candidates. The fourth manager however states that the screening process of the system is responsible for the unavailability of the right candidate. The fifth manager reports that the mass selection of the candidates results in wrong recruitment. And the consideration of only the examination performance limits the availability of the good candidates.

When asked about the reasons of not getting the qualified candidates for the recruitment process the officials gave the above answers. The first manger gave a primary point in this context. According to the officer the commission has no official website where they can advertise their vacancies.

Since the higher authorities and the board members are not accountable to any higher officials hence they pay no attention prevailing problems. Due to the lack of an official website the commission is not able to attract qualified candidates from all over the country.

Only newspaper advertisements and announcements are not enough to attract the highly qualified professionals. He also adds that the company official fails to give proper job description or job specification. The advertisement given by the commission gives a very vague description about what the candidate needs to do in the job.

Hence all the candidates are not able to interpret the requirement and hence some of the eligible candidates may fail to apply. The second manager says that the reservation system makes it difficult to get the eligible candidates. The commission even though conducts the examination still at time of selection has to first select the candidates referred by the political parties then the candidates under the quota system.

Now the percentage for selecting the candidates under the quota system is high but the number of candidates available under that quota is very low. Hence the commission to fill the seats under the quota even selects the candidates who have scored the least marks in the examination.

Hence the less eligible candidates get selected for the high posts of officials. Hence the posts tend to remain vacant for the rest of the tenure or the posts are filled by applicants recommended by the political parties. The managers here are of the opinion that the work load of those posts at times gets divided between the other officers of some other posts. Hence the whole system of administration is ineffective.

For those posts the commission requires the candidates to have various specialized degrees like the masters or the engineering degrees but the educational system of the country is also ineffective in providing the suitable technical knowledge to the candidates which are required for the job. The fourth manager however states that the screening process of the examination is responsible for the non availability of the candidates.

The entry level examinations which include only multiple choice questions to test the basic knowledge of the candidate and the descriptive essay questions which test the writing skill of the candidate is not a fair mean to judge the ability of the candidate.

Hence when the candidate is selected on the basis of these examinations he has to be providing with rigorous training to make him capable to do the job. The first manger was of the opinion that the recruitment process is not very transparent in nature.

He also said that the candidates who are recruited should be given due training in the induction period. The second manager added that the problems not only prevail in the recruitment section but also in the retention process.

The officials are not given equal respects. The third officer notified that the methods followed by the recruitment committee are not very relevant. He also adds that the job specifications given by the recruitment department is not correct. And creates a problem in the process if recruitment. The fourth manger states that the commission has no means to attract those talented candidates. They have no access to the mass work force.

The officer also pointed out a very minor issue which is actually highly responsible for the recruitment problems.

The fifth manager is of the opinion that the there is no knowledgeable staff in the commission who would understand the legal prospective of the recruitment process.

He also states that there is no effective feedback system to understand the problems of the applicants. According to the first manger the recruitment process is not very transparent and thus the recruitment of the candidates is not successful.

This can be analyzed from the above interpretations where the researcher has noted that the system has a lot of flaws. Like the officers are not accountable to any higher authority, the selection is based on the biasness of the selection committee as well as influenced by the political pressure. The candidates are not given their mark sheets. The committee publishes the results after a very long time.

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