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❶There are some rare cases where singular and plural are the same.


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Example sentences containing 'thesis' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. This is misleading and greatly weakens his central thesis. The Times Literary Supplement The central thesis of the book turns on the idea of an imperial project. The Times Literary Supplement The central thesis is that architecture shapes us just as much as we shape it. Times, Sunday Times He was awarded the degree for a thesis on character recognition. Times, Sunday Times But one thesis about why poverty is so often paired with low intellectual attainment could prove seismic.

Times, Sunday Times He knows it because he did a university thesis on it. Times, Sunday Times Write from a thesis that you can support with specific data that you have read or collected from your interviews. A Reader, Rhetoric and Handbook But back to the original thesis. Times, Sunday Times The book's central thesis is that sadness seems always to have existed.

Times, Sunday Times But we're getting away from the central thesis. Times, Sunday Times There is no thesis, no original viewpoint. Times, Sunday Times Perhaps this is because his book was originally a doctoral thesis and it has not fully shaken off the shackles of its original form. The Times Literary Supplement Her central thesis is that women have been forced to deny their true nurturing nature by the social pressure to succeed in the workplace.

Times, Sunday Times I was halfway through a doctoral thesis on piloting techniques for space rendezvous. Times, Sunday Times She had done all the research for her thesis and knew the results, but she wanted help with the final draft. Times, Sunday Times It was a long speech but an engaging one, its thesis being that music can heal the disconnect between our best and worst impulses.

Times, Sunday Times Norfolk gentry in the 15th century - my university thesis? Times, Sunday Times Her university thesis was on'European nihilism '.

Times, Sunday Times He gained first-class honours in history in and held a research fellowship while writing his doctoral thesis.

A singular noun takes a singular verb in a sentence; a plural noun take a plural verb. Capitalize proper nouns that name specific people, places, or things. Do not capitalize common nouns that name general people, places, or things. In my travels, I have visited all fifty states. Some nouns ending in —s are singular, some are plural, and some are both singular and plural.

News, Pass, Lens Plural: Series, Species, Headquarters For help, check your dictionary. If a noun ends in —ics and refers to a body of knowledge, a science, or a course of study, it is usually singular.

Mathematics Phonetics Semantics If a noun ends in —ics and refers to concrete activities, practices, or phenomena, it is usually plural. Athletics Mechanics Acoustics A collective noun refers to a group army, audience, board, etc.

If the group is acting as a unit, the noun is singular and takes a singular verb. The band is ready to perform.

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But a thesis may also be an idea; so in the course of the paper the student may put forth several theses (notice the plural form) and attempt to prove them.

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noun, plural the·ses [thee-seez] /ˈθi siz/. a proposition stated or put forward for consideration, especially one to be discussed and proved or to be maintained against objections: He vigorously defended his thesis on the causes of war.

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Jan 18,  · Anonymous Or, thesis' if you are saying that something belongs to a particular thesis. You are referring to the possessive, not the plural. thesis definition: 1. a long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done for a higher college or university degree: 2. the main idea, opinion, or theory of a person, group, piece of writing, or speech: 3. a piece of writing involving original study of a subject, esp. for.

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Jun 28,  · thesis (plural theses) A statement supported by arguments. A written essay, especially one submitted for a university degree. Goldsmith I told them of the grave, becoming, and sublime deportment they should assume upon this mystical occasion, and read them two homilies and a thesis of my own composing, to prepare them. Thesis definition: A thesis is an idea or theory that is expressed as a statement and is discussed in a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.