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❶As the name implies you do your marketing dissertation on a business or a company that is starting from scratch or taking on a new venture. Some intriguing and current dissertation topics in the field of cultures and marketing are given below:.

Innovative Marketing Dissertation Topics For You

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A quantitative study of residents in a sheltered accommodation facility. A case study of the use of marketing techniques by the Stop the War Coalition. A qualitative study amongst experts around the world, using models of cultural differences.

How do consumers in developing countries view traditional British brands? A quantitative study amongst affluent Chinese consumers aged A review of the literature. A qualitative study amongst marketing managers involved in promoting alcohol and cigarette products.

A quantitative study amongst sales people entering new global territories. An action research study amongst radical activists. A critical analysis of three branding strategies using game dynamics. A review of the most recent UK election campaigns in terms of models of branding and advertising. An intervention-based quantitative study amongst staff in an independent hotel in London.

A quantitative study amongst Tesco customers. A quantitative study amongst consumers across Europe. How do UK women consumers view wine brands readily available in the UK high street? A qualitative study amongst women shoppers aged A literature review examining the use of theories by de Saussure, Pierce and others. A qualitative investigation into the motivating factors influencing purchasers of functional foods. A quantitative study of shopping habits amongst residents in rural Wales. A qualitative study of young consumers in London.

A case study of an independent theatre in Manchester. A qualitative study amongst business owners in the UK. A quantitative study amongst consumers and marketing professionals looking at a range of attributes related to effectiveness. If you still have no idea about what topic to research and develop in your marketing thesis, here are some of the topics you can explore:.

For a fact, writing your MBA thesis can be truly intricate. However, if you use your resources like your appointed advisor, compose about a researchable and practicable subject matter and fully understand your methodologies, you will certainly be on the right track to writing the most excellent thesis for your MBA program.

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If you still have no idea about what topic to research and develop in your marketing thesis, here are some of the topics you can explore: How do companies use corporate social responsibility to strengthen brand equity? How can brand image be communicated in a mobile marketing environment?

Are consumers fully aware on how to safeguard themselves from underhanded direct marketing strategies? How do financial institutions vary their product offerings hinged on social class? What impact do the social media presently have on the buying choices of shoppers? What crucial role does learning play among functional advertisements seen on the web?

MBA Dissertation Topics in Marketing

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A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing. Your dissertation project should contribute to your area of study. Do not try to move heaven and earth, since you time and resources are rather limited.

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Marketing Dissertation Topics. A dissertation should have something to add to the existing literature in a given field, while building on the current debates and issues within the topic area. Dissertations should be focused on a narrow topic rather than broad, aiming to add to the literature in a manageable way bearing in mind time and resource constraints.

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Sep 08,  · Example marketing dissertation topic 2: Branding and consumer behaviour - A comparative analysis of Pepsi and Coke. As a field of separate study, consumer behaviour analysis emerged during the s. Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics Direct marketing is a tool that allows businesses and non-profit organizations to directly communicate with customers. It doesn’t involve bill board placements but relies on advertisement on the internet, television or radio.

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7 Great Marketing Dissertation Topic Ideas You Probably Didn't Think Of. Marketing is a fascinating field with so many topics to choose from. If you’re having trouble selecting a good one, have a look at this list of seven great marketing dissertation topic ideas to help you make up your mind. These marketing dissertations are here to help inspire you in creating your own marketing dissertation title. Our sample marketing dissertations will prove helpful in formulating your own dissertation topic, objectives, literature review, methodology and analyses.