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Interracial Relationships

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❶Add a personal note. Now a days, generations are changing and people are becoming more and more accepting of people and peoples differences.

Racism, although it being a very derogatory and controversial term, is very much alive in modern day society. Even though racial tensions had progressively subsided during the years, some people still have trouble accepting the concept of todays multiracial society. These strong racial identities and lingering prejudices, particularly toward African Americans, limit this most intimate form of integration. Back in the day, the talk of interracial relationships or anything of the sort vas looked down upon.

Actually, if someone were to be involved in an interracial relationship in those times, that person would have definitely been shunned, mistreated, or possibly abused. The white community was not only one of the largest races in the U. Whites had the power to choose what was right nd what was wrong, making interracial relationships, in their eyes, a wrong.

If any news of a colored person or mixed couple was revealed, whites could negotiate to not let such news be released to the public. They would mostly conceal negative news such as abuse, murder, and rape of colored people. Despite the hostile situation that colored people and people in interracial relationships had to go through, the numbers of biracial relationships kept on growing through the years.

The popular media continuously reported the blurring boundaries between racial and ethnic groups Lewis. There began an increase in the number of interracial marriages. Just because there was an increase in interracial marriage does not mean that there is an automatic decrease in racism.

For there to be a decrease in racism there n s to be a will to change and an acceptance of reality. What can the people who are against interracial marriage do? If you realistically state it, nothing. In the eyes of most, you love and care for who you love and care for. You cannot help what the heart and the mind feels, and in the past generations there has been much emphasis on this. For example, there are many celebrities of two races who are together, such as Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

I used this couple as an example because the both of them have been given a lot of criticism and judgement because of their colors, and they are still together today and just a strong and healthy as they were before, if not better. Most may not look at it as a big deal, but being in a interracial relationship has the benefit of learning about your significant others culture and religion.

This could not only teach you a lot about another culture, but it could bring you a lot closer to their family and friends. Learning about this would also make you feel more comfortable when you were around them because you would know how to respect them and the way they look at things which could only bring you closer together as a couple. Plus, culture and religion is sometimes a big part of peoples lives, and when it comes down to it, knowing about your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wives culture makes you more flexible to their needs and necessities.

Without research, I think that most of people could say a huge positive outcome of this topic is being with the person you want to be with and not letting the people who disagree with it, come in between your relationship and beliefs. If there is so many interracial relationships and marriages in recent generations, it must somewhat mean that the ones who don't agree either don't have very good reasoning for being against it, or don't have better things to do in life then to be judgmental towards the families and couples that are happy.

You never see couples not getting married or being together because they are two different races anymore and I do not know if its because they are blocking out all the negative things people have to say, or because the color of peoples skin, isn't really a factor in America as much as it used to be any more. To conclude my view and a lot of America's view on this topic, the numbers of interracial couples and marriages is rising daily and who is going to stop it?

It is morally wrong and unjust in the eyes of more than half of Americans to judge someone by the color of their skin and to limit the people of America to their race, and only their race.

The Constitution states all men are created equal, so who are you to give the people of this free country a boundary on who they can and cannot associate themselves with? No matter race, religion, ethnicity, boy or girl, we should all be able to be with who makes us happy and the only thing that matter in the end is whether or not you are content with the lifestyle you have chosen to live.

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I like this 0. Its just a color! This article has 2 comments. Email me when someone replies. I personally am 20 years old and has never experinced bullying of any sort due to my mixed race.

My father is white-Hispanic, and my mom is Black Jamaican. The closest racism I have encoutnered is from hearing stories of how my Cuban grandfather hated my Mom becuae she was black, and ironically still does. But like the article said It's ususally always the older generation that have a backwards thinking.

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Have you ever been walking down street and seen a couple of two different races? Or even seen a child that looks like they're not just one race? Interracial relationships are spreading more and.

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Free Essay: In the modern world today, there are still people that are bigots who view interracial relationships and marriage as undesirable. However, the. Interracial Relationships essays Interracial relationships in America trace all the way back to when this country began. For many years, European settlers would usually marry Indian woman because there were not very many European women in America at that time. Even more today, there are many d.

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Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Interracial relationships are not anything new to my generation or even to the few generations before me, for that matter. The thing about them that is a reasonably modern phenomenon in America's history, though, is the couple's ability to love across the color line freely/5(9).