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❶Undergraduate students admitted to a degree-granting program may use provisions in this catalog to meet requirements within that time frame. If you have other questions, please send an e-mail to ouwc oakland.

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The Oakland University Writing Center is open to OU students, faculty, and staff in all disciplines at any stage of the writing process. The center provides writers with an interested and supportive audience of well-trained consultants who help both novice and expert writers explore ideas, revise drafts, and develop the skills to craft polished.

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Oakland University Writing Center (OUWC), Rochester, Michigan. likes.

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Undergraduate Student Services Student Services The Oakland University Writing Center is a free service that offers support in all stages of the writing process for students enrolled at Oakland University or any of its satellite programs. What is Cite Right? As part of a sanction for academic dishonesty—whether intentional or unintentional—students who have plagiarized must attend a short seminar at the Oakland University Writing Center (OUWC) known as "Cite Right” through which they dialogue with a writing consultant about the ethical, academic, and technical aspects of plagiarism.

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Writing Center Writers and Library Colleague Composers When you visit Kresge Library and the Oakland University Writing Center within it, you are rubbing elbows with fellow writers. This page is devoted to their words. The Oakland University Writing Center (OUWC) serves as the literal and conceptual “Write Space” for all members of the OU community at any stage of the composing process. We provide rhetorically-informed, genre-aware, and data-supported consultations, presentations, and resources: 1) to advance the specific purposes of individual writers.